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How to Create a Live Sales Notification in WordPress

How to Create a Live Sales Notification in WordPress

Do you want to add a live sales notification to your website?

Sales notifications are an excellent form of social proof that can help you increase your sales by up to 15%. Yet, many business owners are not aware of this powerful tool and how to use it effectively on their websites.

With that in mind, today, we’ll teach you how to create a live sales notification in WordPress.

Here is a summary of the steps you’ll need to take. Click any option to jump to the section you need:

  1. Sign up for TrustPulse
  2. Add TrustPulse to your website
  3. Choose your campaign type
  4. Customize the appearance of notifications
  5. Set up activity capturing
  6. Set up your display rules
  7. Publish your live sales notifications

Before we get started, let’s look at what a live sales notification is and why adding them to WordPress can help your business.

Why Add Live Sales Notifications to WordPress

A live sales notification is a small popup that appears to your visitors whenever someone purchases on your website. Using them is a great way to improve your business credibility and can persuade potential customers to go through with their purchase.

Plus, live sales notifications use the fear of missing out (FOMO) to encourage users to take action.

When someone is browsing your website or WooCommerce store and sees that other people are making a purchase, it immediately improves the way they see your brand. They’re then left wondering what benefits those buyers get from buying your products or services and what they could be missing out on.

As a marketing tool, FOMO is super-effective. Just check out these FOMO statistics to learn why:

Fear of missing out statistics

Even better, using live sales notifications on your website is proven to boost sales on eCommerce websites by up to 15%.

Now that you know why live sales notifications are an excellent tool for driving more leads and sales let’s look at how to create them in WordPress.

How to Create Live Sales Notifications with TrustPulse

The easiest way to create a live sales notification in WordPress is with TrustPulse. TrustPulse makes it easy to leverage the power of social proof with recent sales notification popups.

TrustPulse is the best recents sales notification popup tool for WordPress

With real-time event tracking, you can show a live stream of any action on your website from a live sales feed on your online store, to your latest newsletter subscribers. Plus, TrustPulse’s On-Fire notifications can show how many people have taken action in a given time.

The app is easy to use, includes flexible design options, and provides detailed analytics so you can see which of your website pages perform the best.

Best of all, TrustPulse works with any website, including WordPress, Shopify, and more. And it’s an excellent choice as a WooCommerce live sales notification plugin.

So if you want to create a live sales notification in WordPress, here’s how to do it with TrustPulse.

Step 1: Sign Up for TrustPulse

TrustPulse is a live sales notification tool and a WordPress plugin. It has a free version, a paid plan, and works with the most popular WordPress plugins.

For this tutorial, we’ll use the paid version of TrustPulse. However, the steps to add live notifications to your WordPress website are pretty much the same.

So, click here to get started with TrustPusle, then click the Get TrustPulse Now button.

Click to get the TrustPulse live sales notifications plugin

On the next page, you can choose a TrustPulse plan that best suits your business needs.

Select your TrustPulse pricing plan

After that, you can fill out your account details and click the Get Started Now with TrustPulse button.

Enter your account details for TrustPulse

Now enter your payment information and click the Pay button.

Enter your payment details to purchase TrustPulse

Great work! You’ve signed up for TrustPulse successfully. Now it’s time to create a live sales notification in WordPress.

Step 2: Add TrustPulse to Your Website

After signing up for TrustPulse, it will ask you to enter your website’s name and domain name. You can use any name you like, but you’ll need to use your actual URL for the domain name.

Add your name and website domain to TrustPulse

When you’ve filled in your website details, click the Save Site button.

Step 3: Choose Your Campaign Type

On the next page, TrustPulse will tell you that you haven’t created any campaigns yet. To create a new campaign, click on the green Create Campaign button in the top-right corner.

Create a new live sales notification campaign

This will take you to the campaign creation page. In the first section, you can give your new campaign a name. You can call it whatever you like, but we’d suggest choosing a name relevant to what you need the campaign for, such as “live sales notifications.”

Give your live sales notification campaign a name

Next, scroll down the page to select your campaign type. To show live sales notifications, you’ll need to ensure that the Recent Activity campaign type is selected.

Choose the recent activity campaign type to show a live stream of website activity

You can then go ahead and click the Next Step button.

Step 4: Customize the Appearance of Notifications

TrustPulse offers a variety of customization options to change your notifications look. The app will also show a live preview of your notification popup as you make changes.

Customize the appearance of your live sales notification popups

It’s easy to adjust the following settings with just a few clicks:

  • The language visitor will see on your live notification popup.
  • What you’ll call your visitors in the notification.
  • The message visitors see that describes the action just taken.
  • Where users are taken after clicking the sales popup.
  • The notification image, such as a map, icon, profile picture, etc.
  • Where you want to display the notification on your website.
  • How large you want your notifications to be.
  • If you’d like to animate the notification.
  • The option to show a default notification when there is no live activity.

It’s also possible to show the Advanced Settings section to change your popup’s background color, drop shadow, border, and more. This makes it easy to match your live sales notification to your website’s branding.

Customize the colors of your live sale popups

When you’re happy with your customizations, click the Next Step button.

Step 5: Set Up Activity Capturing

To display your live sales notifications correctly, you need to let TrustPulse capture your website activity so it can show it to visitors.

On the next page, you can select 2 different ways for TrustPulse to capture activity on your website, which include:

  • AutoMagic: Track and record user activity and submissions automatically.
  • Zapier: Connect to a separate tool to capture visitor activity from over 2,000 web apps.

For this tutorial, we’ll use the AutoMagic option because it’s easy to use for beginners, so go ahead and select that option.

Choose the AutoMagic option to automatically track user activity on your WordPress website.

After, choose which activity you want TrustPulse to track by clicking the drop-down menu. 

Select which activity you'd like TrustPulse to track.

You can track activity from…

  • Any page on your website
  • Exact URLs
  • URLs matching a regular expression
  • Any page except URLs with specific text
  • Any page except exact URLs

These options provide plenty of flexibility. You could pick the Exact URLs option to show activity on your checkout or giveaway landing page or to keep things simple, choose the Any Page option.

After selecting your preferred option, click the Next Step button.

Step 6: Set Up Your Display Rules

On the next page, you can give your live sales notifications rules, which dictate when they show on your website.

First, choose where you want to display your notifications from the dropdown menu.

Choose where you want to display your notifications from the drop down menu

You can display your live sales notifications on:

  • Any page on your website
  • Exact URLs
  • URLs matching a regular expression
  • Any page except URLs with specific text
  • Any page except exact URLs

After, you can adjust the notification settings, which includes:

  • How long of a delay there is before showing the first notification (in seconds).
  • The length of time a notification shows for.
  • The delay time between notifications.
  • If you’d like to show notifications on mobile devices.
  • If you want the notifications to loop through again if visitors have seen them all.
Adjust your live sales notification settings

The default settings are a great place to start, or you can choose your own. When you’re happy with your changes, click Next Step.

Step 7: Publish Your Live Sales Notifications

The final step is to publish your live sales notifications in WordPress.

There are 2 ways you can do this, which includes manually adding the TrustPulse embed code to your website, or by using the TrustPulse live sales notifications WordPress plugin.

The easiest option is to use the TrustPulse WordPress plugin. To do this, navigate to Plugins » Add New from your WordPress admin area and type TrustPulse into the search box.

Then click Install Now to install the plugin.

Install the TrustPulse WordPress plugin

After, click the Activate button to activate the plugin on your website.

Activate the TrustPulse WordPress plugin

This will take you to the TrustPulse dashboard, where you can either sign up for an account or connect your existing account. Since we’ve already created an account with TrustPulse, click the Connect Your Existing Account button.

Connect to your existing TrustPulse account

TrustPulse will automatically detect your settings and present you with the option to view your campaigns. Clicking the View My Campaigns button shows you the campaign we created earlier. 

click to view the trustpulse campaign you created earlier.

So go ahead and click to edit this campaign and click the Publish tab. You should now see a message saying that your campaign is now active.

Preview your live sales notification campaign

To see a preview of how your notifications look on your website, click the View a Sample Campaign link.

example of a live sales notification in WordPress using TrustPulse.

Remember to click Save to preserve all your settings.


We hope this article has helped you learn how to create a live sales notification in WordPress. Now you can use the power of FOMO to drive more leads and sales for your business. You also won’t ever have to use fake sales notification again.

If you want to learn more about your website visitors’ interests, follow this guide to learn how to add a survey to your website.

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